Giving back is a big part of Analyst Sourcing. For each full time placement we will donate at least $250.00 to charity. Part time placements will be at least a $100.00 donation.

In addition we would encourage anyone placed by Analyst Sourcing to consider making a donation to charity. We firmly believe you will make more money in your next job and it would be great to see some of that money go to a worthy cause. For contractors it is possible that you will make $5 to $25 more per hour. It could be as simple as donating one hours worth of increase for each month of your contract.

For example, if Analyst Sourcing gets you an extra $10 per hour on a six month contract. You would make a one time donation of $60 to a charity.

Obviously there is no requirement for anyone to do this however we encourage you to give this some thought.